Dinner with Nicholas Morse - Fri Sept 30th

Come and meet Nic Morse (Candidate for CD2 challenging Rep.Jared Polis), over brats and refreshments, and learn about his platform:

  • How to tackle the student debt crisis.
  • How to return healthcare to a family decision, rather than a government-run bureaucracy.
  • Why it is critical to defeat Rep. Polis.

RSVP: Call Brenda Engles at (970) 207-9987 or email
When: Friday September 30th, 5-7PM
Where: The Engles' Resisdence at
442 E. Lake St., Fort Collins, CO. 80524

Trump Visiting Loveland - Oct 3rd

Larimer County Candidates Forum on Senior Issues

The Partnership for Age Friendly Communities is hosting a candidate’s forum for State Legislative and County Commissioner Candidates from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., Thursday, October 6 at the Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Drive, Fort Collins.

Attendees can engage one-on-one with candidates from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. while enjoying complimentary refreshments. From 5:00 to 7:00 pm the candidates will participate in a Q & A session on topics important to older adults. Take this opportunity to hear directly from candidates about issues that impact seniors in Larimer County.

The forum is free and does not require pre-registration. For questions, call 970-498-7751.

Visit Larimer County's Press Release for updated information

Morse Ahead in Polling

Find out more about Nic Morse and how to contribute visit
Follow Nic Morse on Facebook
Twitter @NicMorseForCo
Call Nic at (970) 480-0469

Letter from the Chairman


As chairman of the LCRP in this election period I receive two kinds of questions repeatedly. Well, the polite pose them as questions, while others forcefully assert or demand that I do something. The first question is something like, "How can anyone say he or she is a good Republican and not support the Republican nominee for president?" This is then followed by a list of all the horrible things that will happen if the Democrat nominee wins the election. The second question goes something like, "How can any good Republican support a nominee who has not demonstrated a commitment to Republican principles?" This is then followed by a list of all the horrible things that might happen to the Party or to the nation should the Republican nominee be elected.

On both sides of this issue I see sincere, liberty loving, hard working, dedicated Republicans. They are united by a commitment to

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Celebrating Constitution Day

Yesterday was Constitution Day marking 229 years since the representatives of thirteen states did “ordain and establish [the] Constitution of the United States of America.” To me, though not marked with fanfare and fireworks, this day is a sacred day.

In the months of May through September in 1787, a convention of wise and trusted representatives chosen by the people of each state performed a work of staggering import. In an attempt to bring more security and prosperity to the new states loosely united under the Articles of Confederation, these delegates proposed a new government for the federated states. On September 17, 1787, their studies, debates, labors, sacrifices, and prayers resulted in a charter that by unanimous vote appealed to the members of the convention. But not trusting their

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Volunteeres needed for Berthod Octoberfest

Your Larimer County GOP office will be hosting a booth at the Berthod Octoberfest this year. We would love to have you stop by and show support for your GOP candidates. We also need volunteers and would be grateful to those that can help out at the booth. See you there!

Date: Oct 01, 2016
Location: Fickel Park, 620 Mountain Avenue, Berthoud, Colorado
Set-up: 9 - 10:30 a.m. / Breakdown: 6 - 7 p.m.
Parking: nearby Turner Middle School, 9th St. & Turner Ave.

To participate or help please call:
970-224-2577 or email Brian Ruddle

Rally for Trump this Saturday the 17th

Donald J. Trump will hold a rally at JetCenters of Colorado in Colorado Springs.

Doors open at 5:30pm.

Register for Tickets Now!

Radio Interviews with Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D'Souza is interviewing with radio stations for our Lincoln Day Dinner, "An Evening with Dinesh D'Souza."

  • CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with KCOL on 5/26/2016.
  • CLICK HERE to listen to the interview with Pirate Radio on 5/26/2016.

Letter from the Chairman

May 17, 2016

Dear Larimer County Republicans,

There has been much talk of late as to whether the Republican Party is still viable, or whether men and women committed to defending principles of liberty should still register as Republicans. May I share a few thoughts on this topic?

First, I am involved in the political process to defend and promote principles of liberty. I am not a Republican to elect Republicans nor to defeat Democrats. I have opted to register as a Republican to join with other like-minded people to find and promote candidates that will defend and promote principles of liberty. And I am pleased and honored to associate with thousands, even tens of thousands, of Larimer County citizens who similarly seek to preserve American liberty for their children and grandchildren.

Second, I am confident there are many men and women in other political parties that are also seeking to defend principles of liberty. I am grateful for their influence in their parties and for their support of that which is most dear to us.

Third, I believe the Constitution of the United States of America is an inspired document that miraculously defends these principles of liberty. Our Constitution restrains the federal government from meddling in our daily affairs, so we are free to speak, write, associate, worship, work, and live as we choose. Any law that is inconsistent with the principles of the Constitution is a threat to our liberty.

Fourth, because liberty is so essential to our American way of life (and to much more), elections are not so much about parties or even about candidates as they are about principles. Well before an election it is incumbent upon us to seek for good, wise, and honest candidates that are committed to defending principles of liberty – who will not compromise that principle for expediency. Perhaps the best indicator whether a candidate merits support is the degree to which that candidate understands the Constitution and how it is intended to preserve true liberty. Worthy candidates will support only those laws that are consistent with the Constitution.

Fifth, there is more than one election in November. While the media like to focus on the presidential race, we should remember that we will also be electing federal and state legislators, county commissioners, and others. Our party is not limited to seeking and supporting presidential candidates, but as a county party, our greater duty is to support local candidates who will defend the Constitution and the principles of liberty it defends.

To my knowledge, the Republican Party is still the largest and most influential organization of citizens united to defend liberty. While acknowledging missteps and setbacks, I hope we will work to strengthen our party by retaining and welcoming as many liberty minded citizens as possible into our ranks. And I hope we will not be deterred from our goal; may we always work for – and vote for – the principles of liberty more than for any candidate or party.

Sincerely, your servant in liberty,

Bob Morain
Chairman, Larimer County Republican Party

New Meet and Greets Page

We are now hosting a blog page for candidate Meet and Greet socials.  CLICK HERE for details.  To add a Meet & Greet social, submit the CONTACT US form at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Colorado GOP Events

Event Date/Time Locations
General Election November 8, 2016  

~ Fall Debates ~

Sept 26 7pm 1st Pres.
Loc:Hempstead, NY
Mods:Lester Holt NBC

Oct. 4: V. Pres.
Loc: Farmville, Va
Mods:Elaine Quijano CBSN

Oct 9: 2nd Pres.
Loc:Wash.U. St Louis, MO
Mods:And. Cooper CNN

Oct 19: 3rd Pres.
Loc:U. of Nevada Las Vegas, NV
Mods:Chris Wallace FOX