Happy Independence Day!

A Message from the Chairman

Why is the Fourth of July So Important?

I don't know when my appreciation started, but the Fourth of July has long been one of my favorite holidays. I am sure the childhood joy of sparklers, fireworks, and skyrockets had something to do with my early delight in this holiday. But as the years rolled on, I began to understand that there is something deeply significant about this celebration of national independence. Read more...


SAVE THE DATE Lincoln Day Dinner: Friday, September 7th 
Speaker: Dr. Gerard Lameiro
Thank you to everyone who is anxiously awaiting our annual dinner. We are excited too!
We want this to be a well attended event to give our best contributions to our candidates when they need it most! 


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Let's go Larimer! Let's go Red! Let'd go to Lincoln Day Dinner! 


7/10/2018            Volunteer Picnic at Boyd Lake State Park - 3720 N County Rd 11C, Loveland

                Beginning at 5 PM  at Mariner Point Group Picnic Area  Candidates, AC’s, DC’, PC’s and volunteers invited for dinner and fun time together celebrating all of our volunteers.

PARADES: Get involved! Help our candidates! Say Howdy!

7/4/2018              Wellington July 4th Parade         @ 10 am         

7/4/2018              Ft Collins July 4th Parade           @ 10 am                                                                

7/6/2018              Estes Park Rooftop Rodeo Parade  @ 10 am

7/28/18                Larimer County Fair Parade  @ 9:30 am

                Theme “Country Pride – County Wide” route and details posted at later date

8/24/2018           Loveland Old Fashioned Corn Roast Festival Parade - more info posted at a later date

10/6/2018           CSU Homecoming Parade, Ft Collins – more information posted at a later date.

Here we go Larimer County Conservatives!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Caucus, County Assembly, and State Assembly. It has been a privilege to work with you and serve you to serve our County, State, and the trajectory of our great nation!

We encourage you to continue getting to know your candidates, by attending their meet & greets and various upcoming party events. 
We encourage you to get involved. We are looking for willing and able folks to assist in our headquarters and in other ways for the party here in Larimer. Get in touch with us today to find out how!

We are excited for what 2018 holds, and we hope you are too. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @LarimerGOP for the latest (and quickest) updates and information. 

Cheers to the second quarter for all you business owners. Congrats to everyone for filing your taxes (yuck!). Here we come the rest of 2018-- full guns a blazing to support our candidates and get Republicans elected. 


Your 2018 Larimer GOP Board 

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