Frontline Submission

The Larimer County Republican Party wants to keep you informed and alerted to state
legislation that will impact your livelihood. Under Governor Polis with the Democrat Legislature
there is an effort to euthanize TABOR (The Taxpayers Bill of Rights). Unfortunately, their plans
for TABOR and Colorado taxpayers will not be a mercy killing. Their plans are hidden in
Proposition CC (HB 1257) which will eliminate TABOR spending limits for Colorado State

Proposition CC will be placed on the November ballot. If there is someone that knows about
TABOR it is Douglas Bruce who wrote the “Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights” in 1992. Douglas
Bruce describes 14 points that compel a “No” vote this November. You can read his opinions
“No More Voting: The Ultimate Swindle” at

The Taxpayers Bill of Rights was passed in 1992. A brief explanation of TABOR limits state
spending increases to population growth plus inflation, without the approval of Colorado voters.
The Democrats are advertising Proposition CC as “no tax Increase”. Not true, a big lie! If you
don’t get your refund, you are paying higher taxes. Colorado state spending is over $40 billion
yearly. That’s $29,000 spending for an average family of four. Government spending is either
limited or unlimited. Don’t give government a blank check. Government should have to live
within its budget! Remember that state spending grows automatically by inflation, plus
population growth. Total state spending has increased regularly since TABOR in 1992.
Colorado has the best economy of any state, per national survey. You can thank TABOR for
much of our prosperity!

The principles of TABOR established your right to vote on debt, taxes and state spending.
Proposition CC wants you to give away your right to vote. It makes no sense to give up your
right, your children’s right to vote, FOREVER! Vote No on “Proposition CC”.

Patriots of Larimer County,

How to Vote No on the Electoral College/Popular Vote SB 19-042:

We have a HUGE opportunity to be able to rescind legislation already passed and signed by the Governor. It is called a Referendum Petition regarding our 9 Colorado Electoral College Votes. The petition simply provides for registered voters to be able to vote, in the 2020 election, on the same legislation that was passed by the Legislature; and we can vote “No.” We must not allow this attempted end-run around the Constitution of the United States.

Evelyn King is coordinating the distribution and collection of petitions for Larimer County, so please email her at if you wish to assist with petition signing events, or gather petition signatures on your own. Please provide your phone number and address for faster contact.

Please watch for local petition signing events on our new website: – and for statewide events. For more information regarding the Electoral College:

Fellow Republicans,

I want to take a minute to give you a quick update on what has been a very busy month. First of all, thank you for selecting me as your chairman. I promise to prepare this party for what is certain to be an exciting future!  The Board and I have already met on two separate occasions, and there have been many other meetings with local party members, and with members of the state organization.

During our first board meeting we assessed the skills of our individual board members and deployed them into subcommittees that hit the ground running!  These subcommittees are now infecting others in our community with enthusiasm to contribute their complimenting skills to achieve our party objectives.  

Our plan is to build a strong foundation so that we can grow an organization that will succeed in 2020, and for many years to come. That foundation will include an improved IT infrastructure that will exceed our aspirational dreams in 2017, a communications platform where we set the narrative, a newly renovated functional headquarters, and a highly effective and efficient organization. As these plans continue to develop we will keep you informed. 

Our Treasurer is developing a budget in 2019 that will allow us to accumulate a war chest unlike anything our party has ever seen!  We will deploy these funds along with an effective database and an efficient candidate campaign platform in 2020 to get our candidates elected and re-elected. The so called “blue wave” that impacted our state in 2018 will be in full retreat in 2020! But to do that we will need your help.

One great way to help is to join us at the Lincoln Day Dinner on June 15, at the Embassy Suites in Loveland. In years past we have had as many as 800 people attend. Given the enthusiasm and optimism I see in our party, I think we can do better than that in 2019. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so let’s make it a tremendous success! Invite your friends, sponsor a table, donate items for the silent auction, and come enjoy yourselves and listen to the wonderful speakers we have scheduled. This is the year that we will come roaring back, and the Lincoln Day Dinner will be the event to kick it all off.

From myself and the entire Executive Committee, we are honored to serve all Larimer County Republicans. Thank you for this special privilege. I want you to know that we are working very hard to make sure that Republicans succeed in our county, in our state and in our great nation!


Gino Campana

Chairman, Larimer County Republican Party

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